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Birds as Individuals - Howard to Fisher

Bird Cottage, Ditchling, Hassocks,            20th Sept.

My dear James,

             Thorpe & Hindes review of my book in Ibis is totally disgusting in tone. I am replying & could say much more than the enclosed but there is need for brevity !  You have been kindly appreciative of my work & I’m grateful for that.  May I appeal to you for help on suggestions in my combat against this sooty tone taken by Thorpe and Co ? Their reviews will do me harm – perhaps their intention!

I have resisted the temptation to retort “ You are generalising … “ over “Clever Haus” now, - Star’s case was not clues from me !”

But they have no sense of humour! Is my letter of reply convincingly worded ?

It is untrue to say I neglect species characteristics, but one can’t cram a book about individuals with every subject one might like to include.

I owe you much thanks for your kind letter in July when illness prevented my broadcast. Having you here with a recorder will be fun when you can arrange it with me. The birds are likely to become dumb & not show off, (especially after Thorpe & Hindes scorn! -). However the sound of their flight across the room & other little things might come out as a background to the talk between us.

There was a full page photo of me & the cottage & a bird on my hand. I think, in “life” American Edition last week. Also “Black Star” have sent a photographer as other engaging wanted photos : The birds are not keen on publicity any more than I am, but one has got to sell the books & no doubt this helps. I hear your voice often on B.B.C. & know you are very busy always, but please forgive this appeal over Thorpe & co.


Best wishes yours

Len Howard

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