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2012 winter E-Newsletter

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Autumn 2012
Loe Books Newsletter
New Naturalist Section


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Japan Obi


The Japanese edition of The Herring Gull's World with its brown obi. 















The Ted Ellis DVD


From the 1960s, Ted had contributed to BBC regional radio programmes, but in 1979 he was engaged as the regular naturalist on a brand new weekly BBC EAST TV programme, 'Weekend'. Almost every Friday evening for the next 4 years Ted was to be seen taking the programme's presenter, John Mountford, on rambles throughout East Anglia.  Ted consistently drew such an enormous postbag it was eventually decided to drop one of the weekly walks in favour of a studio-based session in which he answered nature queries.


But John Mountford was certain Ted's huge and loyal following would enjoy seeing much more than 5 minute films, and the two of them planned this full-length programme, available exclusively on Betamax video, limited and signed by Ted, spanning a year in East Anglia through Ted's eyes, and introducing viewers to Ted's home life, his childhood, his daily routine, and many other facets of his fascinating character.  Within two years Ted had passed away, and John was honoured to be asked to produce a tribute programme for BBC 2 - "The Ellises of Wheatfen" - in which many elements of this production were incorporated.


Loe Books acquired Ted's own copy of the video from a Norfolk auction in May 2010, along with other items from the Ellis estate, and found the video such a compelling testament to Ted Ellis, the Man, that in collaboration with John Mountford's son Tom, decided to re-release it in DVD format. David Brewster, friend of Ted Ellis, has written a piece on the great Norfolk naturalist for the insert booklet, which is supplemented with other articles and various illustrations. For every DVD purchased £1 goes to the Wheatfen Trust. 


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Purchase may be via the Paypal link above or visit our website HERE, as always we are happy for you to call us directly on 01566 782528 or send a cheque payable to Loe books.   


£11.45 inc. postage and £1 donation to the Wheatfen Trust  

The Obi 

An 'obi' is the sash worn with traditional Japanese dress and part of the regalia associated with Japanese Martial arts. 


In Japan books are frequently supplied with two 'jackets'; a full-sized one as you would find on a western book and a smaller advertising band, referred to as an obi (colloquially belly or tummy-band in English). This obi often carries advertisements and blurb, and is designed to be disposable.

ObiThe Japanese edition of Tinbergen's The Herring Gull's World was fitted with one, but obis also feature on several other New Naturalist books. The obvious one is Art of the New Naturalists, though that is not designed to be disposable, but advertising obis were fitted to the 1973 edition of Wild flowers, and to the fourth reprint (1971) of The Herring Gull's World, after Tinbergen was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1973. Others probably exist too, but await discovery.

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We continue to offer at least a 10% discount off our book prices if you are able to purchase directly from our website, cheque or card payment over the phone. 
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.
Tim and Kate Loe
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