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2011 Autumn Newsletter

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Ted Ellis - Author of The Broads. An original photograph of Ted at his cottage at Wheatfen Broad.  

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Most "foreign" editions of new naturalists are poorly designed in comparison with the Collins editions, but the 1959 Houghton Mifflin (US) edition of Folklore is graphically outstanding: a model of restraint; balanced, sophisticated and arresting.  Regrettably the designer is uncredited.   



The image below is taken from one of Robert Gillmor's pencil originals.

In which jacket did this outline appear?




Dear customer,


We thought we would send you our first New Naturalist newsletter. Trading on the internet can be quite impersonal and in order to develop better communication we thought this might be a good way of sharing news with you. We don't want this to be a solely promotional exercise but hope that we can share our enthusiasm and expertise. In time we may start a new forum for collectors to openly share thoughts and ask questions. On this theme we are always very happy to discuss books with you and answer your queries either by telephone or by email. Of course you are very welcome to visit us in Cornwall and even if you don't find the book you are after you will be assured of a warm welcome and a warm cup of coffee.


A simple question for you;


Are you frustrated by not finding the title you are after on our website?


We would ask that if you are looking for titles that you can't find on the site please just drop us an email and we can then send you images and descriptions as needed. Most of our stock is not listed at any one time.


We know that you are interested in the present market position of the series so we thought we would let you know how things are with us. We sell our books worldwide and the series is our main area of expertise. We have observed the prices declining and climbing over the years. At the moment we see that the later editions from about NN 70 Orkney onwards have fallen in value by about 35%. If you look at the editions prior to, and including, NN 50 Pesticides and Pollution you find a very strong market with slight increases for those that are truly fine. Early reprints are favoured over Print on Demand copies and you should expect to pay around £25-£45 depending on the title. The big advantage is that you get a much better binding, paper and colour illustrations, a genuine edition, properly printed. Now is, perhaps, a good time to buy the newer titles as an investment, but as always purchase the very best within your budget and remember that the degree of fading to the spine is the factor that really determines value.

We review our prices regularly so for a good indication of retail value take a look at our site, you may be excited to see the changes that may make some titles more affordable to the collector from one week to another. A good example is that a fine unfaded Ladybirds not so long ago would sell for as much as £1,100 but is presently retailing for around £700, but a reasonable offer may secure a copy for even less!


Tim continues to work hard writing his bibliography on the series and with his wealth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm he is always happy to chat.

We have just added some attractive signed copies to our listed stock. As Christmas draws closer we may release one or more 

original Robert Gillmor framed New Naturalist jacket art works; please contact us if you are interested. 


One final thing is to let you know that we are about to list a complete set in near fine condition from Butterflies to Bird Migration.

Tim hard at work !! 

This picture was kindly sent to us by one of our customers; this is actually Tim driving the dumper truck. I think he would be safer to stick to books, in fact we all would.

10% Discount
We continue to offer at least a 10% discount off our book prices if you are able to purchase directly from our website, cheque or card payment over the phone. 

Tim & Kate Loe

Loe Books
Autumn 2011

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